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The domain of focus of revolves around the betterment of your career. They understand the value and importance of your career and help you shape it even when you are not looking for a job. Some FAQs which are quite frequent have been listed here-

A ( Registration:-

Q1) Does the registration cost anything?

A1) Registration for all candidates on is free of cost.

Q2) How to register on

A2) It’s a brief process, .

  • STEP1: Click on the “New User? Register Now!” icon on the available on right side of the Website.
  • STEP2: Fill in your details .
  • STEP3: Activate your registration by clicking on the link sent to you in the welcoming email.

B ( Employment Information:

Q1) What is the need for Employment information?

A1) Your Jobs history is required for us to know about your past experiences which will be an aid for us to match your profile with the right opportunities.

Q2) Can I skip the current salary field?

A2) We do value your privacy although ‘Current salary’ is mandatory because we need such details to help you understand yourself better and recruiters use this information to select candidates.

Q3) How do I add my education qualification?

A3) We require your education history to access your qualifications. You can add your education qualification through 3 simple steps:

  • STEP1: Click on your latest qualification level from the various options provided.
  • STEP2: Click on your education specialization.
  • STEP3: Fill your Institute name and select your course type.
Q4) How can I enter multiple education qualifications?

A4) You can do this by logging in to your account then clicking on ‘My Profile" -> Education in the left bar. Then click on "Add Previous Qualifications".

C ) Job Preference

Q1) How do I enter my Location/City preference?

A1) You can fill in your preferred city or location by logging in toyour sarkarijobsolution account and clicking on desired job details tab.

Q2) How do I enter my preferred Functional Area and Specialization?

A2) Follow the 2 simple steps:

  • STEP1: In the 2nd window for “Desired Functional Area”, select the "Functional Area" tab from the drop-down menu.
  • STEP1: Select the Specialization.
Q3) How do I enter my preferred industry?

A3) In the third window for " Desired Industry", choose your preferred industry from the drop-down menu.

D ) Explore Jobs

Q1) How to search for jobs?

A1) Our system specializes in providing you with positions matched to your skills and preferences. Although, you can search for jobs through the Search Bar.

Q2) How to filter job search results? .

A2) You can filter job results as filter options are available in the left navigation panel right next to the search results. You can filter the results according to your preferred industry, experience, salary, location and so on.

E ) Career Info

Q1) What is the "Career Info" section?

A1) The job of the "Career Info" section is to provide you, your relevant and preferred industry and company info, news, featured articles and so on. This would help you gain all the necessary info regarding the industry or the company.